Gione da Silva is a London wedding photographer, but also photographs weddings all over the UK and around the world. Working with his wife and business partner Hannah, he photographs all sorts of wedding celebrations, including elopements, traditional weddings, destination weddings and everything in between!

Our wedding photography is beautiful, imaginative and innovative. We capture all the details of your wedding day in an elegant and creative way. We love life, and love weddings, and we aim for our photos to reflect that joy.

A London wedding photographer, Gione da Silva is recognised as one of the best wedding photographer in the world. We use our acknowledged expertise to produce stunning wedding photos for you to enjoy for a lifetime.


We recognise the importance of having

beautiful images to print and put on

your wall. Check out our portfolio!

We love to travel, document life and all

the exciting things that surround us.


Always present and sensitive to the beautiful moments happening around us, we capture details and moods, from the grandeur of a stunning venue or location, to the small, meaningful interactions between two people. We’re relaxed and discreet photographers – you won’t even notice us most of the time!

Our style is mostly documentary wedding photography (some call this reportage wedding photography, or wedding photojournalism). Capturing natural moments is what we do best, and we let the day unfold just as it happens. But we also understand that not everyone is super comfortable in front of the camera (we’re most relaxed on the other side of a lens!) so some initial direction from us can sometimes help make the most out of a moment. With our creative expertise, vision for location, subtle posing and understanding of lighting we create stunning photos, yet with a real natural feel.

Most importantly, we take time to get to know all our couples before the wedding day so we can get right in tune with your vision.


It is incredible the amount of layers that video captures, adding to the experience and bringing your memories to life!

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We hope our work made you feel something... If there is a connection, let's talk!