Parkwood International Wedding – Katrina and Brennan

“We were so happy we decided to hire Motion Art to do our wedding video. It was worth every cent. Thinking back to our wedding day is the most exhilarating feeling but watching it back is more than we ever expected. The pure emotion it brings and all those special moments you thought you would remember come flooding back clear as day. To be able to see it all again and show your family and friends, especially those who couldn’t be there, is nothing short of amazing. If you’re sitting on the fence about getting a videographer please just do it. Motion Art captured our day perfectly and put it all together in one beautiful video.”

“To anyone who is getting married, even if you have to make sacrifices somewhere else, don’t skimp out on your photography and videography because when it’s all over, that is something you will have for a lifetime that you can show your children and grandchildren one day.”

“We were fence sitters when it came to wedding videography. We had been referred to Motion Art by our beautiful and very professional celebrant Clarah Luxford. When we met Clarah we felt complete trust with her immediately and we knew she’d be the one to officiate our ceremony. She gave us a couple of business cards to different suppliers she recommended and told us to have a think about it. We gave Geoff from Motion Art a call and after meeting with him we again felt at ease. We could have a laugh and felt comfortable being ourselves which was very important to us.”

celebrant clarah luxford conducts a wedding ceremony at Parkwood International on the Gold Coast.
Celebrant Clarah Luxford

“Geoff then recommended us to Ben & Hope Photography. We hadn’t picked a photographer yet and were feeling quite anxious at this point as we had met with many others but they just weren’t what we were looking for. The deadline was fast approaching and we were running out of time. After meeting with Ben a weight was lifted from our shoulders that day and we left with big smiles on our faces. Feeling like you could put your complete faith and trust in people you’d never met before, to ensure one of the biggest days of your lives run smoothly, was a huge relief.”

“On the big day we hoped that all our decisions were great ones and that everything we had dreamed of and imagined would come true. All the planning the tears and the laughter had brought us to this day. Keeping in mind our number one goal was to be married to our better halves to show our love and commitment to one another. So no matter what if things went wrong we had promised we wouldn’t let it get the better of us.”

bride and groom exchanging wedding vows

“First to arrive was Sarah from Ballerina Brides which was a referral from Ben and Hope. Sarah is an amazing makeup artist. She made us girls all look beautiful before Geoff, Ben and Hope arrived to start capturing our big day. The flowers arrived from The Lilac Tree, a husband and wife with a beautiful passion they shared together. They had even brought me a box of chocolates as a gift. The bouquets were just perfect and everything I had pictured when choosing the flowers and colours.”

ballerina brides applying makeup to the bride to be

“Mum and dad arrived and then the pressure was on, it was time to put on my wedding dress. I purchased my dress from Luv Bridal and had it tailored at Souzys Alterations to fit perfectly. I had the girls helping me to squeeze into it and lace up the back for me. Then shoes on, jewellery on, spritz of perfume, a couple of quick snaps and we were off.”

katrina in her stunning wedding dress from Luv Bridal
Wedding Dress by Luv Bridal

“We arrived at Parkwood International Golf Course and the sun had come out. It was beautiful. Sam our venue coordinator had everything set up exactly as we had wanted. It was more amazing in real life and I couldn’t believe we were standing there looking at each other finally. We tried to take in every moment and all the things we had planned, but felt at ease as we knew we’d have our trusted photographers and videographer capturing everything if we didn’t.”

katrina and brennan congratulated by their wedding guests

“The day went by so fast, after the ceremony we headed onto the golf course for bridal party snaps and shenanigans and then headed into our reception. We had The ROCKKS band with Chris Bent as our lead singer for our choice of music. Over dinner Chris played some of our favourites on acoustic guitar so everyone could mingle, and for the after party the whole band joined, they were great. It looked beautiful and it was everything we had imagined. We had Yeners Cakes in Burleigh organise our wedding cake, it was perfect and tasted even better. We were so happy we had chosen Parkwood International to host our big day.”

“Not once did I question who we’d chosen as I knew from the beginning of planning right till the very end they were on to it. I knew they were going to produce an amazing end result. Each person worked perfectly with one another, and we had found out somewhere along the line that Geoff, Clarah, Ben and Hope had known each other for years which was fantastic as they were having a great time together too. It made the day less stressful and we could all enjoy ourselves. Not to mention Geoff had just flown in from Fiji after doing a wedding the day before and was running on approx. 3 hours of broken sleep, talk about exhausting!”

Katrina and Brennan walk the golf course at their Parkwood International wedding.

“Everything had run smoothly and this is exactly how we wanted to feel on our day, not stressed about what anyone else was doing and focusing completely on the goal of our marriage. We laughed a lot and had so much fun, we look back and wish to do it all over again. The sadness of knowing that’s not possible is quickly overcome by happiness when we pull out our wedding photos and video. They are beautiful reminders of how much fun and love we shared and they help us re-live the day.”

“Our word of advice is – make sure you are 100% comfortable and happy with who you’ve chosen to help capture your big day. Your photos and video will be the only parts left once the day has come and gone. We love looking back on our wedding. Laughing and smiling while sitting on the couch in our pajamas. It’s one of the best parts about the wedding. We feel as though we made the best decisions and we wouldn’t change a thing.”

sunset wedding photo with Katrina and Brennan

Gold Coast Wedding Video: Motion Art
Photos: Ben and Hope Photography
Wedding Venue: Parkwood International
Flowers: The Lilac Tree
Wedding Dress: Luv Bridal
Makeup: Ballerina Brides Makeup Artistry
Celebrant: Clarah Luxford Marriage Celebrant
Cake: Yeners Cakes
Helicopter: Gold Coast Helitours