Meet Geoff - Gold Coast Wedding Videographer

I have personally filmed over 500 weddings both locally and overseas. I’m a native New Yorker, ketchup addict and owner of two French Bulldogs. I’m also a passionate award winning filmmaker that goes about each wedding I film with a sense of fun, romanticism and cinematic brilliance that will ensure your day is captured like no other.

I worked for ABC and FOX news in New York for six years which gave me an eye for detail and a knack for bagels. I covered everything from local and national news to professional sports including the NFL, NBA and NHL. I had the honor of winning the Michael Shoenbrun Award for Excellence in a Television Series and in 2015 I was named an ambassador for the Australian Professional Video Producers of Queensland.

So how did I end up filming weddings?

When I moved to Australia I attended a friend’s wedding as a guest and filmed it for the couple as a gift. They loved what I edited together and soon after found myself doing another friend’s wedding. Then another. Before I knew it I was working for a resort on the Gold Coast as their in-house wedding videographer. I developed a real passion for filming weddings which only increased with the feedback I received from each bride and groom. Documenting a life changing moment is a pretty special honor and I am so lucky to have found my niche.

Each wedding is unique and every couple has their own story. I’d be honored to tell yours.