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[ut_quote author=”Laura & Bede Miller”] “Originally I wasn’t sure if we were going to have a wedding videographer. When the budget was coming together and then the costs were rising it was another aspect that I wasn’t sure if it was necessary or not. It wasn’t until I saw my best friend Amanda’s wedding film by Motion Art that I was sold. I said to Bede we need to make this happen and I’m prepared to sacrifice other things to have Geoff and his team!”[/ut_quote]
[ut_quote author=”Anne & Kenny Festing”] “From the very first Motion Art highlight we saw we knew that we would have them capture our special day. Geoff’s experience and sense of humour put us completely at ease and made us feel entirely comfortable in front of the cameras the entire day. Choosing to have Motion Art at our wedding was definitely the best decision we made and we couldn’t recommend them more!”
[ut_quote author=”Kassi & Josh Ritchie”] “For years now we have been watching the work of Motion Art and knew that there was no one else we wanted to film our wedding day. Geoff and his team are professional, easy to deal with and extremely talented. From the moment they arrived they got to work to ensure every little detail was captured. The way that Motion Art can capture emotions and piece together each part of the wedding day in to a video is absolutely impeccable.”[/ut_quote]
[ut_quote author=”Laura & Bede Miller”] “For anyone thinking about hiring a wedding videographer please do it!! You will absolutely regret not having those moments on film. I know I would have had major regret if I didn’t. It might seem like a big investment when all the bills are piling in, but you will have these videos forever allowing you to relive your magical day all over again! Motion Art have given us a priceless video and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.” [/ut_quote]