April 21, 2016 Geoff Schatzel

Mavis’s Kitchen Wedding Martine and Mark

“It was about ten years ago that I first came across Geoff and his wedding videography work when I was a guest at a wedding on the Gold Coast. Long before I was ever engaged or had even met my now husband. Throughout that day he impressed me at every turn as he was professional, easy going and had an art for knowing when to interact and be fun and when to quietly fade into the background and capture the special moments. I was even more impressed when I eventually checked out the finished product that was the wedding highlight reel and I always vowed that if I ever got married I would hire Motion Art for my own wedding.”

“Fast forward ten years and our experience was pretty much exactly what I was expecting all these years later. I have made no secret of the fact that Motion Art was our favorite wedding supplier. Leading up to the day Geoff was amazing and went above and beyond at every turn answering a million of my questions and offering support and advice.”

“Both my husband and I don’t really feel comfortable having our pictures taken and Geoff and his team made the process really comfortable for us, and most of the time you barely noticed they were there at all. People don’t realize how much time you spend with their photographers and videographers on the day so getting along really well with them can make a huge difference to how much you enjoy your day.”

Wedding Videography New South Wales

“We chose Mavis’ Kitchen because we were looking for a venue where we could exchange our vows amid beautiful scenery. I was also really hoping to find somewhere where we could have the ceremony and reception at the same venue so guests wouldn’t have to travel again once they got to the ceremony.It was through other people’s beautiful wedding photos on the “hill” at Mavis’ Kitchen that made us short list Mavis’ Kitchen for our venue.”

“Once we met Peter from Mavis’s Kitchen to look over the grounds and sample the food and meet some of the staff, the decision was a no brainer. This venue is not only stunning, the food is incredible and the staff are absolutely one of a kind. The hospitality from the staff is so warm and welcoming that you almost feel like you are with family. They are the glitter on top of the perfect place to marry. Once we spent an afternoon there we didn’t bother checking out any other venues. We honestly couldn’t be happier with our choice and from start to finish the staff were amazing.”

mavis kitchen wedding photo 01

“We also absolutely loved our celebrant Skai Daly who created a personalized ceremony for us. It was presented eloquently and professionally and she took my nervous idiosyncrasies in her stride (when I am nervous I can’t stop talking). It takes a very special person to read people’s behavior and respond accordingly. Having our mother’s present some words of wisdom during our ceremony was the perfect personal touch for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Skai to anyone looking for a celebrant.”

byron bay wedding celebrant Skai Ceremonies

“Weddings can be so stressful, but you just need to remember that the most important part of the wedding day is the marriage, not the party. As long as you keep that in perspective, you will have a blast. When you have all your favorite people in the same place and you have chosen the right person to marry, you can’t really go wrong.”

mavis's kitchen wedding photo 02

“People talk about their wedding day as being the most amazing day of their life. Before we got married I always wondered if that was just a catch phrase that people say because they think they are supposed to.”

“I can honestly say that I think our wedding day was the best day of our lives so far. There is nothing more magical than being surrounded by all your favorite people while you make a commitment to your best friend to choose them, and your life together forever. I loved everything about our day. I love that we had so many of our favorite people with us who traveled from all over the world to be there with us. I also loved so many of the sentiments that were expressed on that day.”

mavis kitchen wedding photography

“Weddings are such a special time in life where people say so many of the words that are often left unspoken. Because we had a professional videographer we can replay those beautiful sentiments expressed during our vows and our speeches anytime we like.”

mavis kitchen wedding reception first dance

Video: Motion Art Wedding Films
Photography: Lauren Joy Photography
Ceremony and Reception: Mavis’s Kitchen
Celebrant: Skai Ceremonies
Bride’s Dress: Stella York
Stylist: Coastal Productions
Hair Styling: Greea’s Hair Studio
Makeup: Ally M Airbrush Makeup and Hair
Song: Forever Starts Today by Tim Halperin