Full Ceremony Video – Nakita & Paul from Osteria

“My friend Elizabeth had always suggested we get a videographer but the cost was hard to consider. Now that I have it I suggest it to everyone! I tell them and explain the feeling of watching it back and how precious it is to have.”

“I have watched our entire day at least twenty times since I got it. I just have the USB in my TV so I can watch it whenever I want, ha! I can’t explain the feeling as a bride being able to see and relive the moments, to see yourself walking down the aisle!! Its just amazing.”

“The value of how you felt and being able to feel that all over again is priceless. To show our kids one day?! Like, that in itself is just amazing. I cant thank Elizabeth enough for it.”

– Nakita

Vows (15:24)
Kiss (21:32)
Walk Out (23:20)