First Ever Same Sex Wedding on the Gold Coast

Zoe & Michelle

“If it weren’t for the vendors there is no way that we would have been one of the first same sex couples to legally marry in Australia. I think we would have allowed a little more than thirty days to organize a wedding! It probably would have been two years or so down the track.”

“The vendors are the ones that made the day possible and we are so grateful to each and every one of them. They were all so supportive of gay marriage and their overwhelming response when we met each of them was ‘about time!’

“We hope that other couples like us saw how well received the wedding was in the public eye and that they don’t have any concerns/reserves about marrying the one they love. We are just an ordinary couple like everybody else.”

Gold Coast Same Sex Wedding

“We had initially discussed going to Vegas to be married by Elvis as we never thought it would ever be possible to be married in Australia. Then more recently with the yes vote being passed, it became real, and an opportunity presented itself to us and we jumped at it.”

“I (Zoe) work with Shane’s wife Jade at Gold Coast Airport. She mentioned that Shane wanted to celebrate marriage equality and be part of such a historical moment in Australian history and said he was going to  donate his services on the first day. Jade asked if I knew any couples that would want to get married.”

“Immediately I thought to myself. Why not us?”

“I didn’t say anything to Jade but that night I mentioned it to Michelle and her first comment was also ‘why not us’. So that is where it all started. At the time we didn’t realise how many vendors were going to come on board and we have been overwhelmed by their generosity.”

“A few days later Michelle put a sign up that asked ‘will you marry me?’ on the front door for when I returned home from work and of course I said yes.”

“In the lead up to the ceremony we had been part of a couple of newspaper articles and Shane and I (Zoe) had done a quick interview with Channel 7 Gold Coast. Geoff from Motion Art Wedding Films also provided the opportunity to have our wedding live streamed with Love Stories TV in the USA. We were so grateful for this opportunity as it allowed friends and family from afar to watch the wedding live! The feedback from everyone was beautiful and there were definitely tears.”

“The day before ABC north coast spent some time with us interviewing Michelle and I and my Mum and Dad. They were to be there on the day also capturing the wedding and interviewing us for the night time news (this same format was done with gay couples all over the country). This lead in was good as it made us a little more comfortable in front of the camera. We certainly don’t have a background in the area!”

“It wasn’t until the afternoon/evening before the ceremony that the media attention really started to ramp up. Shane contacted us and said that the Today show wanted to do a live interview straight after the ceremony then sky news straight after them. At this stage Sunrise was not in the picture. Early on the morning of the ceremony Shane received a call from Sunrise saying they were going to be there as well. We didn’t know this at the time.”

“To be honest when we arrived, and saw all our family and friends (and of course each other), we did not even really notice the cameras. We were so in the moment and just taking it all in.”

“This was the brainchild of a few different vendors from around the Gold Coast / Tweed region which is great. We all got together at Christmas and we started discussing, obviously because it was a hot topic at the time, about marriage equality and same sex marriage and ‘will it come in?’ Eventually it did and we got together and thought about collaborating all of our services together and offering one lucky couple the opportunity on the first, legal day it’s allowed.”

“It’s a part of history and it’s going to change the way marriage is conducted throughout Australia. So I think it’s going to be one of those moments in history where you just sit back and go ‘I was there the first day that this was happening’ and in fifty years time I can tell my grand kids I was a part of history so I was so glad to be a part of it.” – celebrant Shane Vincent

“We loved Geoff’s vibrant yet calming energy and felt comfortable having your team capture our once in a life time experience. Your team was so discrete in their manner and we didn’t even notice you during the day and it’s amazing how many things we missed.”

“We loved how the video captures the mood and excitement of our families and friends. We would of never experienced these emotions if we didn’t have you there as our videographer. On the wedding day we were just in the moment of getting married and being with each other. We also had additional distraction with other media so it is great to have you record our special memories.”

“We were excited and quite emotional watching the video over for the first time. The feedback from other people has also been really special. Everyone absolutely loved the video and it’s so good to be able to share with friends and family that were not there on the day. The video really captured the surrounds and allowed us to appreciate the beautiful place in which we were married.”

“The day rushed by so quickly and it was great to see all our friends and family on top of the hill near the arbor and relive the wedding. The embraces after the ‘I do’ captured the occasion perfectly. I loved how the video so beautifully put the day together and captured the waves and the whole area at Froggies beach.”

“It was a significant occasion for us as a couple and it was a historic day we spent with our family and friends. It was so special to have Geoff and all the other vendors as support as well. We can look back on the memories for the rest of our lives.”

Marriage Equality Australia

“I think the media coverage came across really well. Not only for us but all of the other couples that were married on the day. I think it showed how forward Australia has come as a nation. We have had people approach us since the day and said that they saw us on TV (or social media) and they actually cried. I think that just shows how accepted it is now, and people are probably thinking ‘about time’!”

“The whole day was actually a bit surreal. I think it is still sinking in now. We are like “wow we are married! How good is this?!””

Celebrant: Shane Vincent
Photographer: Leigh Warner Photography
Videographer: Motion Art Wedding Films
Stylists: Beautiful Weddings Australia
Florist: Florals & Co
Hair: Studio Eleven Hair
Makeup: Meraki Makeup & Beauty