Cocker Spaniel Ring Bearers | Jenny and Bruce

Who wouldn’t want to have their beloved dogs present on their wedding day or, better yet, as part of the wedding ceremony? Jenny and Bruce recently tied the knot at Brisbane Racing Club and had a little surprise for their guests during their wedding ceremony. Six and five year old English Cocker Spaniels, Ruby and Bruno, served as the couple’s ring bearers to the delight of the crowd.

Check out how it all unfolded in this brief clip from the ceremony.

Brisbane Racing Club Wedding

“Bruce and I have both grown up around dogs although Bruce grew up with fox terriers and I grew up with an Australian silky terrier. I have always loved the friendly nature and temperament of Cocker Spaniels. It took Bruce a while to warm to the breed, as he had never even seen one in real life, which is why I took him on a 1.5-hour drive out west to check out a Cocker Spaniel breeder’s new litter. He immediately fell in love with their droopy eyes and big floppy ears!”

“One pup out of the entire litter of eight was persistent in following Bruce around and didn’t give up chewing at his shoelaces while we were petting its brothers and sisters – it was a sign – it was at that moment we fell in love with Ruby and our hearts couldn’t let us leave without confirming she was ours. So Ruby joined us then which was two years into our relationship. As we needed a big brother or sister for Ruby, I surprised Bruce for this birthday 12 months later and introduced Bruno to the household.”

cocker spaniel ring bearers

“Including Ruby and Bruno added an element of personality to the ceremony. The guests loved the special surprise just as much as the dogs loved getting all the attention. Even though the arrival of the dogs was light and casual, Jenny & Bruce were still able to have the more formal, respectful ceremony they’d dreamed of” said marriage celebrant Clarah Luxford who officiated the ceremony.

Wedding Photographer Mario Colli, who captured the incredible photos you see in this post, added about including dogs in weddings “There’s something special about including your furry friends on your wedding day! When Jenny & Bruce told me that their dogs were going to be ring bearers I was so excited because I knew that it was going to be such a great surprise for all their guests. I am so happy that Ruby and Bruno had the chance to be part of such a beautiful day.”

“Ruby and Bruno have been a large part of our relationship and are a part of our family. We spend a lot of time together in our spare time during each week and they travel with us everywhere on family road trips and weekend getaways. I would encourage anyone else who considers their fur babies a part of their family, to add them to your guest list as you would for other family members. They could feature in a small part of the wedding or be involved the entire day depending on, your dog’s temperament, your personal preference or whether your wedding venue permits dogs, etc.”

“We found First Class Pet Wedding Assistants and they were available to us and to assist in caring for our fur babies during our wedding. We surprised our guests at our ceremony with Ruby and Bruno featuring as our ring bearers and they also stuck around for family photos of course, however they weren’t old enough to stay up late into the evening and enjoy some drinks at our reception.”

Brisbane Wedding Video: Motion Art
Photos: Mario Colli Photography
Ceremony and Reception: Brisbane Racing Club
Pet Sitting: First Class Pet Wedding Assistants
Celebrant: Clarah Luxford Marriage Celebrant
Florist: Cakey Creations
Song: Embark by Stephen Blake Kanicka