Wedding Dance Choreography: See These 3 Couples Steal the Show with Their Amazing Routines

A bride and groom perform their choreographed first dance.

If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas for your own wedding dance choreography this is the place! From classic ballroom moves to modern and upbeat choreography, these videos capture the love and joy of the newlyweds as they take to the dance floor for the first time as husband and wife.

Each dance routine is unique and showcases the personalities and styles of each couple. So if you’re thinking about performing something special for your first dance at your own wedding these videos are sure to inspire.

The Bolero Rumba – Wedding Dance Choreography

The Bolero Rumba is a ballroom dance that originated in Cuba in the late 19th century. It is a slow and romantic dance that is typically performed by a couple, with the man leading and the woman following his movements. The dance is characterized by its smooth, flowing movements, sensual hip action, and expressive arm movements.

The Bolero Rumba is often danced to romantic and dramatic music with a slow tempo, such as “Besame Mucho” or “Sabor a Mi”. The dance consists of a series of steps that involve the partners moving together in close proximity, with the woman often dancing around the man in circular or figure-eight patterns. The steps are simple, but the dance requires a great deal of coordination and timing between the partners to execute properly.

The Bolero Rumba is a beautiful and elegant dance that requires a great deal of skill and practice to master. It is often performed in ballroom dance competitions and is a popular choice for wedding dances due to its romantic and intimate nature.

wedding dance choreography

“One of the best parts was the quality time learning & laughing together as we spent a couple of hours each week practicing during the lead up to the wedding.”

“Finally the time came to dance! It was nerve-wracking, but once we started it was so much fun! Unfortunately, the music cut out 3/4 of the way through, but we played it cool. Our guests were so surprised. They loved it!”

wedding dance choreography

“I’m so glad we decided to do the dance. It was such a fun part of wedding planning. We also got some amazing photos and videos that we’ll cherish forever.”

Wedding Dance Choreography: Let’s Dance Studios in Brisbane
Venue: Cowbell Creek, Gold Coast

Hybrid of the Bridal Waltz and Box Step

A wedding dance that mixes the waltz and the box step is a beautiful and elegant dance that is sure to impress your guests. The waltz is a classic ballroom dance that is characterized by its smooth, flowing movements and three-beat rhythm, while the box step is a simple, yet versatile dance step that can be used in a variety of different dances.

A couple performing their wedding dance choreography.

Joyce and Luca decided to do a choreographed routine because neither have dance backgrounds and they didn’t want to “just sway from side to side” for their first dance. They were also keen for a challenge and they thought taking dance lessons together was a great idea. The couple chose You Are the Reason as it was used in Luca’s proposal to Joyce.

Joyce and Luca were taught a hybrid between the waltz and the box step by You Can Dance Studio in South Melbourne.

Photos courtesy of Mario Colli Photography
Venue: Rainforest Gardens in Mount Cotton, Queensland
Wedding Dance Choreography: You Can Dance Studio (Melbourne)

Traditional and Classic Bridal Waltz First Dance

The bridal waltz is a traditional dance performed by the bride and groom at their wedding reception. The dance is typically a slow and graceful waltz that is performed to a classic waltz tune, such as Johann Strauss II’s “The Blue Danube”.

The dance begins with the bride and groom standing facing each other, with the groom’s right hand placed on the bride’s waist and the bride’s left hand resting on the groom’s shoulder. The couple then begins to move around the dance floor in a smooth and flowing waltz rhythm, taking small steps and twirling in graceful turns.

As the dance progresses, the couple may incorporate additional steps, such as the underarm turn, where the bride turns under the groom’s arm, or the promenade, where the couple moves around the dance floor with the bride’s arm draped over the groom’s shoulder.

The bridal waltz is a timeless and elegant dance that symbolizes the couple’s love and commitment to each other. While the basic steps of the dance are simple, it requires a great deal of practice and coordination between the bride and groom to execute the dance with grace and fluidity. The dance is often a highlight of the wedding reception, providing a memorable moment for the newlyweds and their guests to cherish.

wedding dance choreography

Often the popular song of the moment is used but for Laura and Bede they not only reached back in time for their track but they performed a traditional bridal waltz as well.

I really enjoy it when the guests are asked to surround the dance floor to take part in this moment instead of staying seated at their tables. If you look closely you’ll see the bride’s mother shedding a tear.

Laura’s parents, Steve and Linda, did their first dance to Moon River 35 years ago at their own wedding. Laura and Bede selected this song for their first dance as a tribute to the bride’s parents.

wedding dance choreography

Photos courtesy of Nick Evans Photography
Venue: Brisbane Racing Club