How to Write the Best Father of the Bride Speech

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As a wedding videographer, I have witnessed many emotional moments, but nothing compares to the father of the bride speech. It is a unique opportunity for a dad to express his love, pride, and gratitude to his daughter and her partner on their special day.

If you are like most fathers, you probably feel a mix of emotions when your daughter is getting married. You are happy for her, but also sad to let her go. You are proud of her, but also nervous for her. You want to say something meaningful, but also funny. You want to make her smile but also cry. You want to make your speech memorable, but not too long.

How do you do all that? How do you write a speech that captures all these feelings and also entertains the guests? How do you avoid clichés and make it personal and memorable?

I have witnessed hundreds of father of the bride speeches over the years. I have seen what works and what doesn’t, what makes the guests laugh and cry, and what leaves a lasting impression on the bride and groom.

In this article, I will share with you some of the tips and tricks that I have learned from my experience, and show you real examples from the weddings I’ve captured.

Inspirational Father of the Bride Speech Examples

How do you start the Father of the Bride speech?

Your speech should start by welcoming the guests and thanking the hosts and anyone who helped with the wedding preparations. Then, you should introduce yourself and your relationship to the bride, and tell some personal stories or anecdotes about her. You should also mention how you met or got to know her spouse, and what you like or admire about them.

Next, you should express your feelings about their marriage and your support for their future. You can also offer some advice or words of wisdom for the couple, based on your own experience or values.

Finally, you should end your speech by proposing a toast to the couple, wishing them happiness, love, and success. Remember to keep your speech short, positive, and sincere. You can also add some humor, emotion, or personal touches to make it more memorable and unique.

There are many different ways to start a father of the bride speech. Some fathers choose to start with a joke, while others start with a quote or a story. There is no right or wrong way to start, but the most important thing is to be sincere and heartfelt.

Quick Tips for Starting a Father of the Bride Speech

  • Start with a joke. This is a good way to break the ice and get everyone laughing. However, make sure the joke is appropriate for the occasion and that it doesn’t offend anyone.
  • Start with a quote. This is a good way to set the tone for your speech and to share some wisdom with the audience. Choose a quote that is meaningful to you and that reflects your feelings about your daughter and her new spouse.
  • Start with a story. This is a good way to share a personal anecdote about your daughter or her new spouse. It can be a funny story, a heartwarming story, or a story that illustrates their character.
  • Start with a poem. This is a more creative way to start your speech. Choose a poem that you love and that you think is appropriate for the occasion.

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What Should a Father of the Bride speech include?

No matter what you choose to include in your speech, make sure it is sincere and heartfelt. This is your chance to tell your daughter how much you love her and how proud you are of her. It is also your chance to welcome her new spouse into the family. Here’s an example:

“As a father of daughters, you tend to believe that you know what’s best for them. You put them in the right direction, you help them out with issues, be the tough man when you have to be. You try and guide them all right and you think that’s going to be your role for life.”

“Well, today the next stage of Kate’s life I’m very proud to say that’s no longer my role. My new son-in-law takes the spot as number one and I know he’ll perform it fantastically as Kate will look after him. So if you could raise your glasses to my son-in-law and Kate. To the bride and groom.”

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What should I say in my daughter’s wedding speech?

When delivering a wedding speech to your daughter, it is important to focus on the memories you have shared and the joy you feel in seeing her get married. Take a moment to reminisce on the special moments you have shared with your daughter throughout her childhood.

Mention how those memories have shaped her into the wonderful person she is today. Share stories that showcase her unique personality and highlight her achievements while also conveying your deep love and admiration for her.

As you transition into discussing her wedding day express how proud you are of the person she has become and how happy you are to see her marrying the love of her life. Talk about the emotions you felt as you walked her down the aisle and the joy you experienced as you watched her exchange vows with her partner.

Last but not least end the speech with a heartfelt message of love and support for the newlyweds and a toast to their future happiness together. By focusing on memories and emotions you can create a wedding speech that truly celebrates the bond between a father and his daughter on her special day.

How long Should a father of the bride wedding speech be?

The ideal length of a good father of the bride speech typically ranges from five to seven minutes. This duration is long enough to express heartfelt sentiments and share meaningful anecdotes without becoming too lengthy and losing the attention of the audience. Keeping the speech concise and well-structured will ensure that it remains engaging and memorable.

Here’s a rough outline for a father of the bride speech:

  1. Introduction (1-2 minutes):
    • Greet the guests and thank them for attending the wedding.
    • Introduce yourself and your relationship with the bride.
    • Express your joy and pride on this special day.
  2. Welcome the groom (1 minute):
    • Welcome your new son-in-law into the family.
    • Share a few positive words about the groom and his qualities.
  3. Anecdotes and memories (2-3 minutes):
    • Share a couple of heartwarming or humorous stories about your daughter growing up.
    • Recall some cherished memories of her and your experiences together.
  4. Relationship and advice (1-2 minutes):
    • Speak about the special bond between you and your daughter.
    • Offer some words of wisdom and advice for their future together.
  5. Toast and conclusion (1 minute):
    • Raise a toast to the newlyweds.
    • Express your love and best wishes for their happy and prosperous life together.

Remember, this is just a general outline, and you can adjust it to suit your own style and the dynamics of the wedding. The key is to express genuine emotions, show love and support, and keep the speech focused on celebrating the couple’s love and happiness.

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A Simple Father of the Bride speech

If you’re looking to keep it simple when writing or giving your father of the bride speech then this is the perfect example for you. Reece only spoke for five minutes but in that time he touched on all the main points needed for a great but simple speech while sprinkling in bits of humour.

He talked about meeting the groom for the first time and shared an awkward, but funny story during that initial phase of getting to know Kobe. Reece also described his daughter’s character by telling a short story to convey who she truly is as a person.

He then summed up how he saw the couple’s relationship from a parent’s perspective before finally giving some advice for their future.

Overall the perfect example of a short and sweet wedding speech.

How do you end your speech?

This can vary greatly due to personal preference, but to conclude the speech, typically the father of the bride often raises a toast to the couple. He invites the guests to join him in toasting the newlyweds, encouraging them to raise their glasses as a gesture of celebration and well wishes.

In one of the best, and most emotional, closings to a father of the bride speech I’ve ever heard, Grant becomes overwhelmed as he gives a touching tribute to his daughter Rebekah.

“To you Rebekah, I say thank you. For the commitment that you have put into your life, the obstacles you have overcome, the negativity you put aside, but above all the love, the joy, the laughter, and the reason for living that you gave to me.”

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Other FAQs

It is absolutely fine to have notes on hand during your speech, especially for those who may not feel entirely comfortable with public speaking. However, the key is to be well-acquainted with your script. The primary goal remains unchanged – to genuinely express your love and affection. So, feel at ease knowing that your heartfelt message will shine through, regardless of whether you choose to read it from notes.

Although there are typical components found in a father of the bride speech, you have the excellent opportunity to personalize it according to your own unique relationship with your daughter and the couple. Feel free to weave in your own stories, jokes, and heartfelt sentiments to make it truly special and memorable.

Embrace the chance to create a one-of-a-kind speech that not only celebrates the union of your daughter and her partner but also showcases the genuine love and bond you share with them both. Let your words reflect the depth of your emotions and the joy of this momentous occasion.

Injecting humour into your wedding speech is a fantastic idea! There’s nothing quite like a well-timed joke to brighten the atmosphere. However, remember to keep your humour clean and lighthearted. Steer clear of anything that could potentially offend anyone or dampen the joyous occasion, as it could backfire and deflate the celebratory mood.

So, go ahead and sprinkle in some good-natured, funny anecdotes to make everyone smile and ensure a delightful experience for all!

In Australia, typically the father of the bride does not toast the bridesmaids. Instead, he toasts the couple, wishing them happiness and success in their marriage. The best man is usually the one who toasts the bridesmaids, thanking them for their support and complimenting them on their appearance.

However, this is not a strict rule, and some variations may occur depending on the preferences and traditions of the couple and their families. For example, some fathers of the bride may choose to toast both the couple and the bridesmaids, or some couples may opt for no speeches at all. The most important thing is to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and appreciated on this special day.

There is no definitive answer to what a father gives his daughter on her wedding day, as different cultures and religions may have different traditions and customs. However, some common gifts that are given by parents to their daughters for a wedding are:

  • Family heirlooms, such as jewelry, watches, or quilts, that have sentimental value and can be passed down to future generations.
  • Jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, that can complement the bride’s wedding dress and accessories. Some parents may choose to give their daughter something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue as part of this tradition.
  • Vacations, such as a honeymoon package or a weekend getaway, so the newlyweds can relax and enjoy their time together after the wedding.
  • Money, which can be given in cash, check, or gift card, so the couple can pay for their wedding expenses or save for their future goals.

Ultimately, the best gift a father can give his daughter on her wedding day is his presence and support throughout the whole process. He can show his daughter how much he cares by walking her down the aisle, giving her away to the groom (if she chooses to follow this tradition), dancing with her at the reception, and hugging her goodbye at the end of the night.

The best speeches are the ones that make you laugh and cry at the same time. And if you don’t have a videographer to capture those moments, you might miss out on reliving them for years to come.

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